Flatpack container house

Flatpack container house is perfect alternative to building an office, workshop, temporary shelter with conventional construction materials like concrete block and drywall. It is adopted the welding structure and hot-dip galvanizing technology. Flatpack kit home is not only extremly strong when erected, but also has an excellent antioxidant anticorrosive performance. It offers very high levels of security and prolongs the service life of living containers. Container homes’ prices are very low so that many people from every classes love it greatly.


Quick and easy assembly

The installation of flatpack container living house is much faster. Because all of the components used to construct have already been prepared in the factory. Faster installation means less disruption on your daily business operations. Because there is no on-site fabrication there is less mess. On average you can anticipite 80% time saving, when using our modular design to construct your ideal home.


It’s not as tricky as you may think. And the smallest size can be put together by three people in just one hour. The reverse process will bring your steel container homes back down to flat pack form for easy removal to a new location. And to be neatly stored away when not in use.

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living


Cheap delivery worldwide

We can provide 4 X 20feet container in bundles. with assurance of minimal transportation charge and assembly time( 4/8 units can be folded into 20”/40”GP). It means you pay only once container shipping costs for total 8 units flatpack containers. Besides,The more you order,the cheaper the container homes’ cost will be. How economical that is!

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living



Size: 2.44mX6mX2.8m(WidthXLengthXHeight)
Roof: 4mm Q235 Steel frame+50mm EPS sandwich panel
Floor: 4mm Q235 Steel frame+20mm cement board+2mm vinyl floor
Pillar: 4mm Q235 Steel
Wall panel:50mm EPS sandwich panel(0.326mm steel sheet+50mm EPS foam+0.326mm steel sheet)
Window: 800mmX1100mm, double glazed.
Door: 900mmX2100mm, steel security door
Electricity: including 2 lights, 1 switch, 1 distribution box,4 sockets and wires.(CE/AS/UL standard)



Flatpack container house also can be combined to make a bigger room for different application. Such as office,accommodation as well as container apartments etc.

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living

Flatpack Container House and Kit Home for Living

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